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Coral Reef Provocation

To do a provocation, you set the materials out in front of the child, write, "What can you create?" on the whiteboard, and explain to them that this is their opportunity to make something however they want to make it. They have complete artistic freedom. The pictures are there to inspire them and the marbles and stones can be used however they wish. 

If you purchase every item in this collection, you will have what you need to run the provocation. If you have some of your own materials, you could always substitute for some of the things as you see fit. 

This can be used for classrooms, daycares, or just with your own child at home. This can be done with ages 3+. 

Using a provocation to inspire thoughts, ideas, and actions is an important aspect of the Reggio Emilia child-centered approach. It is an open-ended activity that encourages children to create and use their imagination using natural materials of varying textures, colors and sizes. This exploration allows children to experience the world for themselves without being overly guided by the teacher or parent. This gives children the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and lead the direction of their own learning. Provocations allow children to think independently, problem solve, and be creative.


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