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All They Do Is Play

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Parent : What did you do at school today?
Child : Play.
And there you have it. 
When children play most of the day you can be rest assured that they are engaged in something that not only prepares them for future academic learning, but also is something that has a profound lasting affect on their social and emotional health. “Play is the work of children," said Albert Einstein. It's like barking dogs. Barking dogs have got to bark. 
When preschool children play, many beneficial things are happening that will prepare them for kindergarden. Play and learn is how children grow and develop. They may act like they're in a hen house, but even a hen house can be a productive place of learning. It must be their predominant activity because it lays the foundation for later learning.
The first thing that is happening when children are engaged in play is their brains are developing new pathways that causes the prefrontal cortex to grow. The prefrontal cortex regulates emotions, makes plans, develops new pathways and solves problems.
Play directly effects children’s ability to learn and develop new pathways. They learn to problem-solve and develop emotions and a strong sense of purpose. Play enhances their ability to think, understand, communicate, remember and imagine.

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